'Denim Dr.' with Clare Press

This month I had the incredible experience of working with one of my ethical fashion idols, the brilliant style guru Clare Press, author of Wardrobe Crisis, How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashionmaking a #haulternative video in honour of Fashion Revolution Week. 

Youtube is full of fast-fashion 'haul' vids, in which vloggers glorify their copious unnecessary purchases: a bunch of synthetic junk and styles that will be out of vogue more quickly than that carton of milk in your fridge. A 'haulternative' is about celebrating and loving our clothes in a slow, deliberate and thoughtful way. 

Clare's approach was to take a bunch of discarded, vintage denim and show it some serious upcycling love, making it fresh and exciting (rather than drab and dated).  In her haulternative video, 'Denim Dr', we see how a bit of paint, a few chops with the scissors, some fun patches or nifty stitching can completely transform a look. Plus, it is oodles of fun! 

Working with Clare was a bit of a dream collab for me. This woman a total fashion nerd, sustainability advocate and her epic creativity and unbridled passion make her super fun to work with and learn from. We are all so lucky to have her out here on the leading edge with us, fighting the good fight. 

Plus, I got to meet some other pretty incredible individuals, including  Leo Salinas, phenomenal wedding gown craftsman and designer extraordinaire, based in Sydney, and Ellie Grocott, fellow redhead and sewing legend (check out her handiwork in the vid!) It blows my mind how many talented people there are in this industry. 

Unfortunately I don't quite fit into this category (please don't judge my terrible sewing skills!), but what I lack in tailoring talent, I like to think I make up for in smiles and enthusiasm of all things clothes. The denim vest that I am working on in the video was purchased secondhand for $2, and I am continuing to sew more patches and fun stuff on it, watch this space for some more on that soon.

Anyway, enough from me. Have a watch of 'Denim Dr' and think about how you can make your own haulternative switch.  And be sure to subscribe to the spanking new Youtube channel for Wardrobe Crisis - there will be some killer content coming up on there, I'm sure!