Wardrobe Crisis Podcast Launch

Yesterday, when a friend inquired as to what I was doing in the evening, I told him I was attending a Podcast Launch party. To which he responded, “I think that may be the most Gen-Y thing you’ve ever said”.

We all had a good laugh. And it’s true, I can see how this concept might appear comical to anyone on the outside. But anyone lucky enough to know Clare Press, to have met her or read her work, will understand that this is the type of unparalleled fabulousness that only she could pull off – with style and aplomb, no less.

The other truth is, that there’s plenty to celebrate. ‘Wardrobe Crisis’ is Clare’s new podcast, that delves more deeply into some of the themes of her book (of the same name). Just three episodes have dropped so far, yet already they are providing a fun listening experience, in which the profundity of the message shines through.

And for all her work within the industry, Clare certainly has no shortage of impressive friends. There was an electric vibe in the room; it buzzed with the energy of game-changers, trail-blazers and eclectic-dressers. It made my skin tingle to see so many brilliant, beautiful people come together.

Kit Willow (creator of KitX) addressed the group, speaking as the impassioned, powerful visionary she is. Relating her journey to this   

Dr Gene Sherman AM gave a beautiful welcome and spoke of her confusion around our obsession with trends. Why would we want to follow a trend, if it means we all look the same? Understandably, this resonated with me (and I’m sure many others in the room).

Clare herself was glammed-up in wearable art by Jeff McCann, a flowing vest made from rescued cardboard boxes once used to store pushbikes. It sounds crazy, but as with everything Jeff makes (and similarly, everything Clare wears), it stole the show.

There was hope and excitement amongst this collective consciousness.  Given the challenges facing the industry (and indeed, the planet), such hope is critical.

That is what Clare does best. She takes this topic, bleak and morbid as it is, and presents us with facts in a way that leaves us feeling charged, informed and inspired. Through her work, she brings us together in a way that empowers us to fight the fast fashion model, and all its wide-ranging implications.

I feel excited to be a part of this vibrant, growing community – and for the release of more ‘Wardrobe Crisis’ podcasts!

You can join the plight and listen to the latest episode here.